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Our athletes

VISION ON MOTION supports young athletes in visual and visuo-postural training, we present:



Melania Delai tennis player born in 2002, cheerful, lively and ambitious, she has clear goals to achieve, with great physical, technical and human qualities.
Already convened in 2012 by the Italian tennis federation in the peripheral technical centers.

In 2013 he ranks second in the Italian under 11 championships in single and double; wins some national tournaments and plays the first international tournaments.
In 2014 she was called up for the under 12 national team.
In 2015 he entered the international under 14 ranking of TENNIS EUROPE.
In 2016 it reaches its Best ranking n.15 TENNIS EUROPE under 14.
In 2017 she was promoted to 2.3 in the Italian ranking and participated in her first PRO tournament.

In 2018 he obtained the best ITF ranking u.18 n.72 and enters the WTA ranking n.1146.
2019 sees her as Italian number 1 U18, number 22 in the ITF U18 world and number 608 in the WTA ranking.

Followed in federal centers on behalf of the FIT and with customized protocols since 2019 by our technician and scientific contact Andrea Cagno, part of the Delai team.




“Edoardo, now 18 years old, is the new promise of Italian surfing, 5th in the final ranking of the Pro junior Europe 2019 (the highest European competition for Juniors with over 200 surfers), European champion with the absolute Italian national team in 2019, 3rd in the absolute Italians 2019, pro rider for Carver Skateboard international his life is divided between study and surf trips.
Chosen by Billabong, Huawei, Oakley as an ambassador with the aim of providing the best support on his journey towards professional surfing and the perfection of his performances!
inserted in the federation program since 2020 as P.O. team Italy Paris 2024 “





Alice began athletics at the age of 12.
She stood out in 2019 by running 60mt in 8 “07 in the Girls category.
In 2020 he made his debut in the Cadet category and at the first exit he obtained 7 “77 in the 60mt indoor, at the second race he established the new Italian Cadet Record in 7” 62, demolishing the previous limit which was 7 “71.
This performance places her for her age in first place in the 2020 World Toplists and in third place in the world lists of all time.




Luca Maria is a sunny, acute, talkative and very charismatic child. In addition to riding a motorcycle, since in Umbria there are no tracks where he can train on a daily basis, he practices BMX at the Perugia facilities with the Perugia bmx team and also practices motocross and karting. He is fond of technology, in particular of educational robotics (he has already obtained two certificates) and of mechanics, in fact he spends a lot of time in his small workshop disassembling and reassembling the engines of the minibikes.





Francesco Lorenzo Marielli was born as an athlete in 2017 discovering athletics and in particular speed, in the same year the meeting with Andrea Cagno and the SVTA® method.
Since that moment Lorenzo has obtained many awards in the youth category in the Sardinia region, transforming this sport into a real passion.